We’ve been lucky enough to drive a few classic cars in the past. But few bring us the joy that a Porsche 993 brings.

The styling, the 6-speed gearbox, the nimbleness and sound of the car… all of it feels emotional, engaging and eventful.

At Ajani, we have a passion towards beautiful design and analog cars and watches. Our 993 captures that ethos. It strikes a perfect balance between being analog and classic yet modern enough to use on a daily basis.

Shot of Porsche 993 front

A few things about this 993:

It’s a 1996 Carrera 4S. It has a wide body, 3.6L flat six, with a 6-speed gearbox.

It was a one-owner car before we became custodians of it. The car just clocked 73,000 miles.

The car has hollow spoke wheels. We’ve put Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s on the car for spring and summer drives. The car also has Recaro reclining bucket seats (perfect for canyon carving and backroad drives).

Most recently, we upgraded the car with PCCM. The latest OEM+ upgrade available from Porsche for their classic cars. It’s modernized the car in many ways; Apple Car Play makes the car more enjoyable for longer drives.

Photo of Porsche 993 showing steering wheel and dash from shot from outside

There’s so much to love about the 993 and one of our favorite parts of owning this car is the smell. When we sit in the car, it smells like vintage leather combined with motor oil. We love it. It’s like a time machine. It reminds us of the good times we had back in the 90’s.

It’s not a fast car, per se. But it’s the perfect sports car. As a driver, it makes you work. Modern cars are fast and very capable, but they don’t provide the same enjoyment and connection that a classic car provides.

We change the oil on this car every 5,000 miles or so (or annually if we don’t drive that much). Service also includes fluids, checking of brakes and other items. We tend to over-service our cars to keep them running fresh.

The car keeps going. Every time we start it up, it just gets up and running. Never give us any issues.

Porsche 993 shot through trees from a distance

If you’re thinking about owning an air-cooled Porsche, look no further than the 993. It’s quite different from previous 911s. Porsche claims that every part of the car was designed from the ground up; this includes the engine. But perhaps the most important upgrade was the 6-speed gearbox. 

When we’re looking to decompress from the long work week, we look forward to back road drives. Anything that inspires an adventure-ready lifestyle, we chase those roads.